How To Disable Norton Internet Security’s Firewall?

23.11.2017 Admin

If you are looking for strong and efficacious antivirus software to protect your device from disastrous and dangerous malwares, viruses, and other malicious component then, we advise you to go for Norton Antivirus. It is the best antivirus software available in the market; as it is imbibed prolific features and gives great performance to the user round the clock. It provides protection against theft as well; however, you first have to enable the anti-theft in the settings. Its user-base is spread worldwide and it is deeply trusted by the users for its privacy protection and other features as well like protection against spam and phishing mails.

However, even though the only motive of the software is to block unsecure and harmful sights, sometimes the software becomes overzealous and restricts permission to access even the most legitimate websites. Under such circumstances, you feel agitated for sure and want to turn-off this utility.

Necessary Steps By Norton Technical Support

  • Open your Norton Software
  • Now navigate to the Detailed Settings option and click on it.
  • Once the tab opens, you will find an option named Settings; select it.
  • After the above step, click on the firewall option from the rest.
  • You have to locate the General Settings tab.
  • Now go to the Smart firewall.
  • Once you are in there, you will find a switch type option, just drag it to the ‘Off’ option and your firewall will immediately shut down.
  • However, you must select the option apply immediately after the above step to save the changes made by you, and they will get implemented from thereon.

Seek Immediate Norton Customer Support

Note: If you wish to enable the firewall again, then the procedure will be the same as this one, except, then you must drag that switch towards ‘On’ option.

You can Contact Norton Tech Support for any further guidance and help regarding this process.

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